Now that we're all here...

Jon <djon@...>

Yes, everyone is now transferred from the email list (an assertion I'll check when time permits). So it's time for a few explanations for those of you who may be new to Yahoo groups.

You have four delivery options. You may receive every message posted individually, a daily digest of messages, only Special Notices (announcements from QOC) or no email at all. You are almost all currently receiving only Special Notices which means the group is functionally equivalent to QOC's existing email list with the dubious added benefit of advertising from Yahoo. The few of you who have already linked their subscription generally opted to receive individual emails (I noted one exception) and I have tried to respect that. No email is effectively equivalent to not subscribing with the big difference that you can post messages. Bottom line - if you don't like the setting you have, change it. If you experience technical difficulties, contact me and I'll change it for you.

Regarding privacy, the message archive is viewable by anyone. Messages are supposed to contain the sender's email address truncated at the first letter after "@" and this appears to work but the system is obviously not quite as anonymous as the email list. On the other hand, the potential exists for this to be a discussion forum as well as a means to promulgate announcements and messages to date seem to indicate there is some pent-up demand. Perhaps I'll post occasional updates on how many people are choosing to receive email other than Special Notices.

Which reminds me of something I'm sure some of you have noticed - I propose to post that information since none of you can view the list of members. Privacy concerns again. It is supposed to be possible to hide one's email address but it appears to be necessary to create a Yahoo ID first and nothing like all of us have done so yet. A pity - perhaps we ought to use the database feature to build an email and/or phone directory for those members who wish to be included. Or perhaps I'm excessively concerned about privacy. Something to work out in the coming weeks.

Which again reminds me, if anyone out there has been running a dozen Yahoo groups since forever and knows a better way to do something in here, please speak up. Less battle-tested suggestions are also welcome. Have fun at Hemlock, and I'll see may of you at Wheaton.

Jon Torrance

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