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Nadim Ahmed

The first Summer Short Series training event this year will be held at 4pm,
Saturday, June 14, 2008, in Fort Hunt Park, in Virginia. The park is south
of Alexandria and near Mt. Vernon. There is a limit of 20 people for this
event. You must RSVP by Saturday morning by sending an email to (PLEASE do not reply to on this message to all). The
course has not been designed yet but a control picking short or sprint
format will be set. A mix of bags and streamers may be used for controls.
The course will be on mostly open terrain with scattered vegetation. There
will be blocks of essentially un-crossable vegetation, some trails and some
buildings. There are historic forts in the park so absolutely no spikes
will be allowed. Donations of $5 are suggested and your contributions will
go in support of national team members who will travel to World
Championships in the Czech Republic.

The map is a work in-progress and will be printed at 1:5,000 or 1:4,000. It
has not gone through any quality control checking but most of it has been
field checked recently. Fort Hunt is a small mostly flat park. The map
will have 5ft contours. The low point on the map is sea level and the high
point is about 60ft. The woods are mostly thick, especially at this time of
the year. You may choose to go through them but won't need to very much.
If a control is placed off trail in the forest, you'll probably be able to
get to it without gaiters. You'll be able to and should try to run fast.
This training exercise will be designed for advanced orienteers. Some
controls will be on small bushes and these will appear like small green
boulders on the map. For kids, there will be a small playground near where
we will start and finish. This will be near the main fort. A pizza dinner
in Belle View is anticipated afterward for those who want to hang around.


* From the Capital Beltway, I-95, exit onto Route 1 going south.

* Follow the signs in the right lane to Fort Hunt Rd. (you cannot
turn onto Fort Hunt Rd. from the left lane of Route 1)

* Turn left at Belle View Rd. after about 0.6 miles.

* Turn right onto the George Washington Memorial Pkwy. Proceed
about 4.2 miles.

* Bear right onto Fort Hunt Rd. (sometimes referred to as Old Fort
Hunt Rd.) Proceed about 0.2 miles.

* Enter Fort Hunt Park by going straight through the gate as Ft.
Hunt Rd. goes to the right.

* Turn right at the T-intersection.

* Turn left and park near the pavilion. We will assemble in the
parking area.

I hope you can participate!


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For the 12th consecutive year, Quantico members will put on the
world-renowned Summer Short Series. If you haven't been around much, here's
a short intro of what it's all about.

We hold weekly (mostly) low-key training-type events, sometimes training
exercises, sometimes regular courses, followed by a group dinner at a nearby
restaurant (or, sometimes, at the host's house). These events are easy to
put on, as only one or two courses/training events need to be set, controls
and/or e-punch boxes are totally optional, and, basically, anything goes.
The series began in 1997 when Kris Beecroft and I were both training for the
World Orienteering Championships in Norway, and we realized that training in
the woods in DC in the summer was an unpleasant proposition. To get
motivated, we got others in the club to put on weekly events, open to
others, to help us prepare. The emphasis has always been on advanced
training, though orienteers who are not quite at that level are always
welcome, with the caveat that they must know their limits and make sure they
get themselves back to the start before dark. The costs are low (though
rising :-)), and all of the proceeds go to the US Team to help them attend
the yearly World Champs. (So, if you itemize your deductions, you can
consider this a charitable donation, especially if you donate above the
requested $5!)

We experimented with holding the events on various days, but have settled on
Saturdays, late afternoon. Exceptions occur and are welcome. The
post-training dining is, of course, optional, and non-orienteering friends &
family members are always welcome at both the training and the dinner.
Because of the smallness of the training group and the dinner, this is one
of the most social and fun aspects the club (IMHO).

So, now comes the fun part: putting together the schedule. Everyone is
invited to host an event (remember, it's actually easier than course-setting
for a regular meet). If you're interested in hosting, please email me with
the date and the place (and, if you'd like, what training you're thinking of
doing). I'll compile the list and send out notes to the club, as well as
collect the funds and send it off to USOF at the end of the series.

I plan to also directly contact some of you, with proposed locations and
dates (which, of course, you're welcome to decline, or change). But please
don't wait around for that: contact me first! See if you can beat me. :-)

First proposed date will be the Saturday following the (Beer) Chase in June.
Watch for details.

Peggy Dickison

Summer Short Series Mistress

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