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Gary Smith

Hi Kris,


Karla Hulett and I will volunteer to do Lake Fairfax again.


Best wishes,



Gary Smith

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It's that time of year again. Time to volunteer to help at a local orienteering event next year. Quantico's local meets only happen because of people like you...Orienteers who love the sport and want to give back to keep the club going. I've listed next season's Virginia meets below, along with the names of people who have already volunteered (and some potential suggestions). I've also listed some of the more active Virginia members so you can see that we have many spots to fill with limited resources.


Please respond to me (and not the QOC Yahoo group) if you would like to volunteer and if you have any other suggestions for volunteers.





                                                    Meet Director        Course Setter   


Sept. 13        Lake Accotink                    ??                     Sid Sachs


Sept. 21        Hemlock                            ??                         ??


Oct. 12          Pohick                         Marmie/Van                 ??


Nov 2            PWF ?                          Vic Culp                 Kris Beecroft


Dec. 14        Meadowood                    Trish Strat??           Tom Strat


Jan. 4            Manassas                         ??                         ??


Feb. 1            Lake Fairfax                      ??                         ??


Mar. 1            Westmoreland                   ??                      Mike Brooks??


Apr. 5            Prince William                Marit Luersen            Kris Beecroft


Apr. 26          Fountainhead                    ??                            ??


May 17         Balls Bluff                        Marit Davis??            Don Davis??


May 31          Great Falls, VA?                  ??                            ??



Potential Volunteers:


Bob Rush

Dan Quinn

Tim Good

Keg Good

Jeff Stetekluh

Victor Lin

Dave Pruden

Vic Culp

Dave Hauver

Jim Lingar

Rick Oliver

George Crittendon

Andy Britton 

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