SSS Change of Plans!!

Peggy Dickison

Change of plans for this Saturday: The Summer Short Series will be held in Greenbelt, hosted by Jan & Dasa Merka. Starts from 4 p.m.

Park in the Sweetgum picnic area (our usual parking lot).

Here are some details from Jan:



> My training will be a contour-line map only in the Greenbelt

> Park. Two courses: Long (13 controls, 6.3km) and short (10 controls,

> 4km). Start at the Sweetgum picnic area. The short course follows the

> long one but skips control numbers 5-7.


> Jan


We’ll figure out a decent place to eat somewhere in the College Park/Greenbelt area afterwards!

Hope people can make it.


We’ll do Blockhouse later this summer (probably the 23rd).




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