Summer Short Series, 2009

Peggy Dickison

The end of our regular season is fast approaching, and the hot, humid weather can’t be far behind. That means it’s time once again for Quantico’s renowned Summer Short Series.


At this point, I do not have a schedule of events. I am putting out a call to anyone who would like to host an event on a Saturday late afternoon/early evening. This gives you first shot at the date/location you’re interested in. By next week, I’ll probably start contacting previous &/or other likely hosts with suggested dates & locations (similar to what I did last summer). If you volunteer to host an event, please keep in mind your summer schedule, both orienteering and otherwise. There are lots of events around the region, country, and world that will likely be popular among club members (e.g., DVOA’s full slate of summer meets; PNWOF; JWOC; WOC; O-Ringen; Scottish 6-Day …).


If you have never hosted, think about giving it a try. The events are extremely low-key; they do not require actual orienteering controls/punches/etc. We usually have just one course or training exercise, sometimes with an option to shorten. The number of participants is usually under 20. Preprinted maps are becoming the norm but are not at all required. We’ve had street-o’ and bike-o events in the past and that’s a fine option too.


Our usual schedule is training from 4 to about 6 pm on Saturday, followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant (or someone’s house). The location is usually the host’s choice, with input from participants.


If you are interested in hosting, please send me an email or talk to me at the Beer Chase on Sunday. I can suggest locations (we have several areas we use only for the SSS) and exercises, if you’d like.


I am also trying to get a feel for the level of interest for a camping/orienteering weekend. There are several options for this: we can piggyback on an existing DVOA meet (camping is available at French Creek and Hickory Run; they have meets at Fr Creek on 12 July and 16 August and at Hickory Run on 26 July), or we can set something up ourselves. There is camping on or near several of our maps: Prince William, Greenbelt, Little Bennett . . . Or it could be at an area that doesn’t have an o’ map; we could do some more physical/less technical training. If you think you might want to go on a camping/training weekend, let me know when and where you’d be interested in going.


One other thing: Ted Good will be setting training on several Wednesday evenings that advanced orienteers are invited to participate in. This training is set up specifically for US World Champs Team member Eddie Bergeron, so expect some top-quality exercises and competition. Times and other details will be announced as they are known.


Thanks –

Peggy Dickison

Summer Short Series Mistress

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