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Nadim Ahmed



Peggy and I would like to go on Saturday.  Can you arrange maps for us?  I could probably pull down the streamers if you don't plan to be there yourself on Saturday. 




We also should have some room if some other people want to carpool with us.  If interested in carpooling from Bethesda or nearby, let Peggy or I know before Friday because we'll be out of town most of Friday and all of Saturday morning. 



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Ted –

There isn’t currently anything scheduled for this Saturday, so I’ll take you up on your offer!


So, to everyone else: read the blurb below to see about this weekend’s Summer Short Series, using the Sunday A meet map. J We’ll plan on starting from the parking lot around 4 p.m. on Saturday the 27th. If you know you’re coming, feel free to RSVP to Ted and/or me. Also note the limitation of 15 cars (which shouldn’t be an issue … we rarely even have 15 *people* at a SSS, but if carpooling opportunities arise, you may want to do that).

Dinner afterwards somewhere in the vicinity.




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    Ok, Two of the three trainee’s can’t make Wednesday training so it was pushed back to Thursday this week.  Eddie, Jon, and Corinne will be hosting the training (I won’t be there).  Still let me know if you plan to attend Thursday so I can pass on the maps.  Assume the same meeting time of 6:15 pm.  Note: there are no bathrooms/water so come prepared.


            Ted Good

            410-551-4838 (h)

            301-688-3793 (w)



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Subject: Wednesday Training.



    I took off work last Friday and vetted/mapped the area for Wednesday’s training.  The event will be a middle distance mostly in the Rocky terrain used by the A event Sunday area.  Part of what we will use was not used for the A-event (reason for additional mapping).  The main course is 4.5K with a similar short course of 3.44 K.  I haven’t measured the climb yet but it isn’t that much.

    We need to do the rocky areas this week before the grass gets any taller and you can’t run the middle distance at speed.

    Anyone attending must tell me as I only print the maps needed.  Tell me before Tue 10pm.

    We will meet at the church 6:15 Pm.  We haven’t asked/received church permission, so I limiting this to fewer than 15 cars.



    I have put out orange flags.  If there is open Saturday I will proffer this up for summer series with the same limitation of 15 cars (not people).


Directions: From route 70, Get onto Marriottsville Road north,  Turn right onto rt 99 (2nd light I think).  Go about ½ mile and turn left at the light Woodstock road.  Follow Woodstock road, down the hill across the railroad tracks, then go about another ¾ mile up the hill.  Church is on the left.


            Ted Good



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