2010 Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison

Hi all,

It's time to start setting up this year's Summer Short Series schedule. If you're willing and able to host a training event, please send an email to me (pdickison at comcast dot net) with the date, place, and time and I'll put you into the schedule. Training events should be low-key, easy to set up, only need one "course" or exercise(possibly with a shorter version), and are a great way to get your feet wet putting something on. These events are primarily aimed at the intermediate to advanced level orienteer, to help us keep up our skills over the summer. Besides being good training, they're also lots of fun as social events. Many of the participants dine together after the training.

Most events are on Saturday afternoons (3 or 4 is a normal time), but Sundays and other times of day are fine as well.

For your information, here are the dates (with major events people may be taking part in):
June 12-13 (there was some interest in a track 5km but
June 19-20 (probable event on Sunday, 20 June)
June 25-26 (US Champs trifecta in Washington)
July 3-4-5 holiday weekend (North American Champs in BC, Canada)
July 10-11 (Barebones, Canada)
July 17-18 (Rocky Mountain multi-day; Fin-5 in Finland)
July 24-25 (WUOC [World University O' Champs]; O-Ringen, Sweden)
July 31-August 1 (US Rogaine Champs, NY)
August 7-8 (Czech 5-Days)
August 14-15 (WOC, Norway; MNOC Rogaine)
August 21-22 (Canadian O' Champs)
August 28-29
(Sept 4-5-6 holiday weekend; QOC schedule may start this weekend?)

Looking forward to another hot, sweaty, fun-filled summer of o' training!
Peggy Dickison
SSS Mistress

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