2011 Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison

With the regular orienteering season coming to a close, it is time once again to think about summer orienteering! Keep your skills and fitness up through the hot months and be ready for the US Champs and fall events. As a bonus, enjoy socializing in a smaller group with like-minded friends.
The QOC Summer Short Series (SSS) consists of (almost) weekly training events geared toward improving advanced orienteering techniques. Rather than just run a standard color course, training exercises often focus on specific techniques. The training generally takes between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Advanced navigation skills are usually required, as controls may just be streamers or mini-controls. Those who are not quite at the advanced level yet are welcome to join us as well.

As in most years, this year we'll feature maps and areas used only for the SSS and we'll debut at least one brand new map. Events usually are held on Saturdays in the late afternoon (4 is the usual time), followed by a group dinner at a nearby eatery (optional, of course, and non-participating friends and family are more than welcome to join us).

If you would like to host an event, send me an email (pdickison at comcast dot net) with your preferred location and date. The events are low-key, with a small number of participants, and need not be elaborate. I can fill you in on how to put on an event, if you're not sure what it entails.

Here's the summer schedule, with some SSS events already on the calendar, and with other events either nearby or of significant interest, for your planning purposes.

June 11-12 (Fin 5-Day; Badger OC Training Camp; 12-DVOA Nolde Forest)
June 18 -- Cabin John Regional Park (new map & area!; Nadim Ahmed) (Jukola relay in Finland)
June 25-26 (WPOC A meet near Pittsburgh)
July 2-4  -- A SSS first: camping weekend! For those interested, we'll camp at Pohick Bay and have training on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at Pohick, Meadowood, and Mason Neck. The specifics are not set, so if you're interested in setting at one of the parks, let me know. Also, let me or Nadim (nadim at comcast dot net) know if you'd like to camp and which nights. We're staying in the public campground, not the group campground. Of course, you can attend all three days' worth of events, two, or just one, and sleep at your house or wherever you'd like!
July 9-10 (6 Days of Austria; 10-DVOA Gould Run)
July 16 -- Wheaton Regional Park (Mark Mace) (Western Canadian Champs, Whitehorse, Canada)
July 23-24 (Canadian Champs, Whitehorse; Oringen, Sweden; 24-DVOA French Creak East)
July 30-31 (US Classic Champs, NY)
August 6-7 (Canal Cities Challenge, NY; 7-DVOA Mount Penn)
August 13-14 (World O' Champs, France)
August 20-21 (Dakota Rogaine Champs; Leadville 100 mile trail race; 21-DVOA French Creek Central)
August 27-28 (CNYO Rogaine)

Cost: The price remains stable at a requested donation amount of $5. All the proceeds (and almost all of it is proceeds) go to support the US Team (this year including our own Ken Walker, Jr. ... yes, he runs for CSU but he started here and lives here now!); as such, any money above $1, the cost of the map, can be considered a charitable donation.

Let's enjoy another great summer in the area's lovely woods!
Peggy Dickison, SSS Mistress

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