Re: Notable QOC results at Keystone Capers

Peggy Dickison

By the way, I have awards for Addie, Tom N, Chuck, and Patti. I'll bring them with me to upcoming SSS events until everyone gets theirs.
One correction: Ken Jr. was 3rd in M21.

On Jun 27, 2011, at 10:58 PM, "bcebolog" <jon.torrance@...> wrote:


A tolerably large QOC contingent took part in WPOC's Keystone Capers A meet this past weekend and the following QOC members placed in their respective categories

Addie Nolan 3rd F-16
Peggy Dickison 3rd F21+
Patricia Mace 3rd F45+
Kathleen Lennon 1st F50+
Ken Walker Jr 1st M21+
Tom Strat 1st M50+
Tom Nolan 2nd M50+
Chuck Ferguson 1st M70+

Congratulations to the lot of them. Looking forward, our local summer series will resume this coming weekend and continue throughout the summer but a more immediate concern is that the early registration deadline for the Canal Cities Orienteering Festival, including the US Classic Champs and the OUSA convention, is this Thursday. There'll no doubt be even more QOC members attending those than this past weekend but a few more wouldn't hurt - it's definitely a the more the merrier proposition. See many of you there as well as at the summer series events this coming weekend.


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