Re: SSS Pohick Camiping Training Weekend

Peggy Dickison

For Meadowood, the longer course is c. 5.3 km; the shorter course is c. 3.6 km.

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I’ve received many RSVP’s and we should be set for the weekend.  If you have not sent me an RSVP, we should have a few extra maps but you will not be guaranteed one.  Here are a few updates on meeting locations and the exercises:

·        Saturday, Pohick Regional Park at 4pm – meet at the parking lot on the right side of Pohick Bay Dr. as you drive in the main entrance (the usual place).  This exercise is to let us practice finding features on slopes, in particular when the most efficient way to get to them is by dropping or climbing diagonally across the slope.  Trails have been removed from the side of the map that participants are to use but a normal map is on the reverse side.  5.5K

·        Sunday, Mason Neck State Park at 4pm – To reach the assembly area, proceed eastbound on Gunston Road about 1 mile past the entrance to Pohick Bay Park.  Turn right at the entrance to Mason Neck State Park.  Park in the small WRA parking lot on the left, about one mile from Gunston Road.  If you reach the Mason Neck entrance station you have gone too far.  This exercise is a 1 hour score-O event which will let you practice compass bearing and pace counting.   Start times are between 4pm and 4:30pm.  The controls will start disappearing at 5:30pm

·        Monday, Meadowood Park at 10am – meet at the small dirt parking lot off Harley Rd., near the intersection with Gunston Rd.  Like the Saturday exercise, this training event is to let us practice finding features on slopes however, trails will be shown. 



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