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Can I get a map

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The streamers are still up at Oregon Ridge from the Wednesday training session for Eddie.  (I’ll leave them there at least for the month of June – somewhat longer if someone is interested.)  We’ll treat it like the traditional QOC 10k offerings of yore.  You are on your own, and at your own convenience.  Just contact me to arrange to get a map.


This was very nice summer orienteering.










June 6 at Glen Artney will be replaced by June 6 at Oregon Ridge.  Eddie has requested about 8k, some long legs with route choice.  I’ll set it so that a loop can be cut off for a shorter course.  The weather looks like 75 or a little less.  The woods are beautiful, and fast.


I’ll be there at 5:30.  I recognize that many of you will need to make it around the Baltimore beltway if you come; so, if you will let me know you are coming, I’ll leave a map on my windshield for you, and being there at 5:30 will not be important.  Please let me know if you expect to be late with ideal traffic conditions.


There is a good pizza shop nearby. (was!, but the Chipotle burritos were good)


Please let me know, if you will be there, and I will print a map for you.


Location is Oregon Ridge at the main (very large) parking lot (about 750m se of the lot we have normally used for QOC events and near the old ski slope).  We’ll be near the sw corner of that lot.



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