Saturday's Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison

This Saturday, 7 July, we'll have a memory o, hosted by the Merkas. Following training, we're all invited to retire to the Merkas' resort--I mean house--for swimming in their pool and game night. Should be a good way to cool off. 
Training details:


Jan and Dasa Merka have setup an SSS training event for this Saturday, July 7th.  The training is a 60 minute memory-O and score-O course. It will be located in Schooley Mill Park in Clarksville, MD at 4pm

39° 9'57.90"N,  76°57'34.23"W

After the training, people are welcome to refresh at the Merka's house by enjoying showers, the swimming pool, and staying for game night. 

-The map will only be available at the start/finish area.
-Each control will have a 3 digit code that you will have to memorize and report for the control to count as a point.
- You can return to the map as many times as you wish to review it, and to report.  However, the more times you do, the more distance you will run. 
-The park is fairly open with a good trail network.  
-Detailed features won't be used. 

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