QOC - group update, the second, and other matters

Jon <djon@...>

As of this writing, the group has 355 members, give or take one or
two, of whom 10 receive all posts as individual emails, two receive
all posts in a daily digest and the remainder receive only Special
Notices (i.e. routine announcements as exemplified by the past
traffic on our email distribution list). The group is therefore not
yet much of a medium for discussion amongst the membership at large.

I note with interest that certain parties have demonstrated that it
is possible to change delivery options without linking their
subscription to a Yahoo ID. On the general topic of use of the
group, reactions suggest I outlined the characteristics of the group
somewhat too abruptly. I promise to produce something more
considered in the not too distant future, that is to say, after

That said we have a couple of other things to annnounce...

From our Publicity Director

"As you think about heading to Hemlock Overlook Park this weekend
(ed. so I'm not distributing this terribly promptly), keep in mind
that on Oct. 6 the 3rd Annual VentureQuest Adventure Race will take
place there, and orienteering is definitely part of that race!

Concerning the race, the Director, Jim Harman, sent us the following
just this morning:

There are still a few team slots available for the third annual
VentureQuest, Northern Virginia's Premier Adventure Race hosted by
Hemlock Overlook Center for Outdoor Education. Teams of three
compete in this 4-8 hour sprint adventure race. Elements include 12
miles of biking, 14 miles of trail running, 3 miles of canoeing, and
several additional team challenges such as orienteering, a tyrolean
traverse, a log carry, obstacles, and and other physically and
mentally intense team challenges. Register soon for this very
popular event!

For more details visit, http://hemlock.gmu.edu/ and click on
VentureQuest or call (703) 993-9830.


On a separate note, VentureQuest would love to find volunteers to
help out with their race, so if you're not quite ready to race this
year, you can still get familiar with the event by becoming one of
the 200+ volunteers that they need to pull off an event of this size.
You can also ask to be assigned to the orienteering section if you
wish. Contact VQ via the web address or telephone number listed
above, and say QOC sent you!

And from Van Anthony

"A watch was left behind at registration at Hemlock. It is
travelling with the Virginia meet kit. Next time the owner goes to a
Virginia meet, he should claim it. The sooner the better. The owner
also can contact me at (703) 931-4808 or vananthony@...
before October 13. I'll have the kit until then.


Jon Torrance

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