Summer Short Series, 2013

Peggy Dickison

It’s feeling like summer today, and that is a good reminder that our last spring QOC meet is coming up soon and the Summer Short Series (aka, the SSS) is not far behind. So get out your calendars and let me know if you would like to host a session.


If you haven’t hosted before or need a refresher, here’s what you need to know.

·         The “short” in the name has been ignored for years. But don’t make your events too long. We want to get to dinner.

·         Having two course options, or one course that can easily be cut short, is ideal.

·         Events are generally held at 4 pm on Saturdays, but if a time/day works better, we’re open to that.

·         You can set a regular course, but as this is supposed to be training, exercises that build specific skills are especially welcome.

·         There is a $5 participation fee, all of which (unless you have some expenses you don’t want to donate) goes to the US Senior Team to help them train and travel to international events. It is tax deductible, if you want to keep track of that. I don’t give receipts but if you want to write a check to OUSA, Robin will do that for you. Donations in excess of $5 are *always* welcome.

·         Exercises are set for advanced orienteers, but can often be completed by intermediate orienteers. Anyone is welcome, with the caveat that they need to be back by a certain time. We have not yet had to go looking for someone …

·         Think outside the box for exercises and social outings.

·         A regular feature of the SSS is the post-training dining. The host often picks the spot, but we can also crowdsource it. For many, this is the highlight of the SSS.

·         Real controls are not necessary, nor are punches or epunches (though we’ve had all three at various times!). Streamers or organic markers or something else are all fine; just let us know what we’re looking for.

·         If you need a particular map file, let me know. We also frequently use maps that QOC hasn’t (yet) used for a local meet, either because the area is too small or the map is still being created. Or because the area isn’t ready for a large local event.

·         We’re a friendly and forgiving group, and are happy for any effort you put forth. This can be a good way to dip your feet in the course-setting pool.

·         I’m always available to answer questions.


Below is a partial schedule of nearby and international events that I either know or think some of you may be participating in. This is to remind you to not sign up to host a SSS when you won’t be in town J … or to give you ideas of where to go orienteering this summer.


Send your date/location requests and/or questions to me,

Summer Series Mistress

Peggy Dickison



We’ll start after the Beer (PC: Beverage) Chase.


8/9 June   Barebones, Alberta, CA

                    9 – DVOA, Fort Washington

                    9 – NEOH, Falls Quest Urban Rogaine


15/16 June  Jukola (relay), Finland

                       US Team training camp, Moreau, NY

                      16 – Father’s Day

                      16 – DVOA, Washington Crossing


22/23 June  17-22 – Tallinn O’ Week, Estonia

                        21-23 – Norsk O-Festival, Norway

                        22 June-5 July – NATLOC: Greenland/Iceland/Faroe Is.


29/30 June          26-29 – Arctic Midnight O’, Greenland

                                30 – DVOA, Hickory Run


6/7 July                 4th of July long weekend

                                4-7 – Sorlandsgaloppen, Norway

                                6-14 – WOC + Spectator races, Finland


13/14 July            CNYO Rogaine

                                14 – DVOA, French Creek


20/21 July            20-26 – O-Ringen, Sweden


27/28 July            26-27 – World Rogaine Champs, Russia

                                27 July – 5 August – Western Canadian Champs

                                28 – DVOA, Springton Manor

                                28 July – 3 August – Scottish 6-Day


3-4 August          2-4 – World Games, Colombia

                                2-10 – World Masters, Italy

                                3 – Green Corn 6-hour Rogaine, Ohio

                                3 – WPOC, Co-op Park


10/11 August     10 – DVOA, Francis Slocum; part of DVOA camping weekend


17/18 August     Fishbones, Nova Scotia, CA


24/25 August     Eastern Canadian Champs, NB

                                25 – DVOA, Gould Run

                                25 – WPOC, Bushy Run Battlefield


31 Aug/1 Sept    Labor Day weekend

                                28 Aug-2 Sept – LROC, Laramie Days, WY


And, a bonus weekend, past SSS time:

7/8 September   UNO, Pawtuckaway Family Weekend (you have to do this once in your o’ career, especially if you’ve never been to Pawtuckaway!)


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