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Peggy Dickison

I should have mentioned, please send RSVPs to Eddie, so he knows how many maps to prepare. (His email address is on the cc: line.)



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Here are the details on this week’s training, from Eddie.



         SSS training at Pigtail, Sat. June 15, 2013 at 4 PM




Since the Jukola relay will be underway in Finland during our training this week, we will run a mini-Jukola/Venla relay ourselves! Except it will be motala-style for us...everyone will run all 7 legs of their relay (or four for Venla). You are a team of ONE! The legs will be somewhat shorter than the actual Jukola so we can get finished and go to dinner :) The course will remind you of a "starburst" exercise and will be forked, so people will be running different legs simultaneously and coming in-and-out of a central control that you'll visit several times (think butterfly loops). You'll only have one map - all loops will be on that map and controls will be numbered in order from 1 to N, just like a plain old O-course. Nothing fancy. Its just an O-course with (7) butterfly loops.


Also I haven't vetted any locations, so the hangs may be sketchy. The start will be about 300m south of the parking lot. Follow the trail S along the lake shore to the end of a small penninsula. I'll leave a locator map on the windshield of my Red Subaru Forester in case you are late (don't take the locator map - memorize it!) The finish/spectator control will be remote - about 700m from the parking. Its also the first control on all courses, so if you want to drop something there you can carry it on the first leg. I'll have some drinking water there.


The full mini-Jukola course will be 7 loops. For those doing the full course you'll do the first 3 (far) "loops" first, so I can start picking up those streamers while you guys complete the other loops. For runners on the mini-Venla 4-loop course, all loops will come through a central location, which will also be the finish point. The mini-Venla is the second half of the mini-Jukola. I'm aiming for about 8 km for the Jukola and 4 km for the Venla.


If you get tired you can simply stop at the spectator/finish after doing as many loops as you like. You'll have the opportunity to shout encouragement at the other runners as they come through repeatedly from all directions.


The parking lot is tiny. Please carpool if possible. For folks coming up from D.C. perhaps you can meet at the dinner venue in Clarksville and carpool from there. Its about 10 mins away. Seriously, I think there are only 10-12 parking spots at the map.



       Directions to Pigtail Parking


(NE side of Triadelphia Reservoir, near Clarksville, MD)


5580 Green Bridge Rd, Dayton, MD 21036



From the junction of Rt 32 and Rt 108 in Clarksville, MD, take Rt 32 northwest for 2.3 mi and turn left onto Linden Church Rd.

After 0.1 mi (at the "T"), turn right onto Ten Oaks Rd.

Go 1 mile and turn left onto Green Bridge Rd. Follow this

1.8 mi to the dead end in the parking lot.



Recommended post-training eatery:


Great Sage Vegan Restaurant



Menu online here: Note entree prices are a little higher than our SSS average. I presume the lunch menu sandwiches are available all day too.


On Rt 108 (Clarksville Pike), 1/4 mile NE of the junction with Rt 32, in the Roots Organic Market parking lot. This is 5 miles east of the training area.


There is also a Ledo Pizza across the street if people prefer that, but since we have some vegans in the group and rarely have the option of a true vegan restaurant, why not? Also Brad Whitmore's daughter is the purchasing manager at the gift shop "Nest" in the Roots market there. Not sure if she'll be working Sat, but the shop should be open while we're there for dinner.



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