Re: Summer Short Series, 22 June

Peggy Dickison

I should add that we’ll meet in the usual place, the Sweetgum parking lot of Greenbelt Park.

>> 6565 Greenbelt Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20770 <<



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Subject: Summer Short Series, 22 June


Hi all,


Not too many details; I’m still working it all out but I think it will be fun. Without giving too much away, the exercise will be a two-person relay, with multiple legs each, most 500 m or less.

We’ll put together teams starting at 4:10 (you won’t need to pick partners; I have a plan ;-) and get started as soon as everyone is ready.


Unless we have another dining coup, we’ll eat at Atlanta Bread Company after running.


Don’t forget your compass!!


If you read this and have a chance before early afternoon on Saturday, send me an RSVP so I have enough maps.



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