Re: Summer Short Series starts this Saturday!

Peggy Dickison

Here you go. I’ve added you to the list.

From this week’s host, Ted Good:

Event:  Summer Series 6/21/14


4:00 meet at parking area

               4-4:30 – Discussion on technical orienteering (for those that need it)

               4-6:30 run course.

               6:30 Course Closes.


Patapsco State Park (between Baltimore and Washington D.C.: Newest section of the park that most haven’t been on.  (main part only used by blue course at the flooded meet out of Catonsville Community College.)


1.       Parking at River Road and South Hilltop Road. (by Patapsco River).  River Road is Ilchester Road on the south side of the Patapsco River.

2.       From the south, take 95 north to Rt 100 West.  Go 4 miles.

3.       Take exit 4: Maryland 103 West. Go 1.6 miles

4.       Turn right onto Ilchester Road.  Go 2.0 miles

5.       Cross the Patapsco river.  Park wherever you can.  There is a large dirt lot on the left that should have parking.  This area is used by bikers and river partiers so may be crowded.

Training- Collecting Features.

     This is technical training.  This is basically a middle distance course with no major route choice options.  The idea is to go straight (unless there is an obvious trail option) and check off collecting features as you go.  Maintain close contact with the map.   For this training, there is no playing it safe by going to obvious features.  Try not to swing one way or the other from the straight line training.  We want every feature to be obvious and this training will help make that a reality.   Note: this doesn’t mean follow a compass bearing to the exclusion of everything else.  The compass is only needed to point the right direction and shouldn’t be needed much.

     Everyone should know exactly when they reach the feature the control is on.  To encourage everyone to run to the feature (instead of looking for a control), the controls are not obvious.

     As you run, look for things near you route and check them off as you go.  Don’t actually go to them unless they are in the direct line.  You should pace count the whole way so you know how far along your route you are and when to look for features.  If you do find yourself off course, correct as you check off the features.  You shouldn’t be searching for the collecting features.  If you don’t find one you expect to see just keep moving (up until the point you realize you are lost J, then stop).

     If you get to a point where you have lost map contact, you are on your own to find where and then start again.

      When you finish, I will have copies of the map with all the check points you could have used.  For those less experienced who want to see this map ahead of time for things to check off let me know.

                 Long 5.37  245m 16 controls

                 Short 3.53 180m 12 controls

Dinner: TBD.  Possibly Bella Mia Pizzeria and Restaurant.


    There are no bathrooms and no convenient forest to use where the parking is.

    For those that just want to go for a hike or bike, there is a nice paved 2+ mile trail along the river (not on this map) that goes past the swinging bridge by the Avalon area and down to the Orange Grove area.

    No poison ivy, some small thorny bushes.  There is stilt grass which is getting tall in places.  Some rocky areas on the long course.  I run without gators there.



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Could you please add me to the SSS mailing list? Also, I sure would appreciate any information about this weekend's event, if there is one.

Thanks for any help.

-Bob Hart

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We're kicking off the 2014 SSS this Saturday, 7 June, at 4 p.m. I will send specifics to the SSS email list (if you have not sent me a request to be on that, or if you're not one of the "regulars," and want to be on the list, please send me your email address!). The event will be in southern Montgomery County. We will dine afterward in a mutually acceptable Potomac eatery.

Training will emphasize orienteering along slopes (i.e., angling up/down along a hillside) and accurately finding controls after going over a ridge. The woods are quite open. Since I've neither been to the woods to check out control sites nor set the course yet, I have no further information.

Peggy D.
SSS Mistress

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