2015 Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison

Now that the QOC regular schedule is drawing to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the summer.

As in the past many years, I’ll be coordinating the club’s Summer Short Series (aka SSS). For anyone not familiar with the SSS, these are weekly (almost, depends on how many people volunteer) low-key training events open to anyone but geared to advanced orienteers. There are generally no beginner’s courses but some hosts may offer a course that is appropriate for non-advanced orienteers.


We already have several events on the summer calendar that the SSS will piggy-back on. Here are the details for them:


Sunday, 28 June, Fountainhead. QOC is helping put on the World Police and Fire Games orienteering events (please consider volunteering to help! We will need many hands. Keg Good is the coordinator and soon she’ll put out a call for volunteers). This race is the WPFG’s long course championship. There is a 1.3 km walk from the arena to the start, but volunteers who work at the Start will be able to take a shuttle (predawn). The courses will be available to us, the public/volunteers, once all the WPFG competitors have started. Keg estimates that this will be around noon.


Wednesday, 1 July, George Mason University. This will be the Sprint championship for the WPFG. Yes, it’s a weeknight, so for those of you far from Fairfax it may not work, but for anyone who can be there to help, there will be a chance to run the course after the WPFG competitors have started. The first start is 6 p.m. and Keg estimates that the course will open around 7:30. Still plenty of daylight for a 20 minute sprint.


Saturday, 25 July, Little Bennett.  The Great Outdoor Festival is being held at Little Bennett from 10-2, and QOC will have a booth with volunteers. I don’t know for sure, but I think people can probably run the course(s) during the Festival but also probably afterward.


All three events will offer opportunities for picking up controls. J

I would like a host (or coordinator) for each of these three events. This should be a simple hosting job, since the course setting and map printing will both be taken care of for you. All you’d need to do is touch base with Keg (for the WPFG events) or the organizer of the orienteering portion of Great Outdoor Festival (I don’t know who that is; I’ll let you know.), and hand out maps, keep track of who’s running, and perhaps help coordinate control pick-up. Easy peasy, and you get credit for hosting an event! You will also probably be able to run yourself.


There will be two beginners events this summer and there might be some volunteer/course running/control pick-up opportunities during those events. If so, I or the organizers (Dave & Heidi Onkst) will send out a note.


All other dates are available for SSS events. We generally have our events in the late afternoon (~4 pm) on Saturdays , followed by an (optional of course) group dinner. If another time works better for you, we are happy to meet then. You need to set only one course (perhaps with cutoff options for shorter courses), print the map, and put out something for controls. They do *not* need to be real controls. We generally do not have e-punching (but we will, of course, at the above events). We charge the bargain price of $5, and the proceeds go to the US Senior Team to fund their training and travel to the World Champs; some events may also benefit the US Mountain Bike Orienteering Team.


Quantico has at least four members competing in World Championships this summer: Ken Walker Jr. will run the Sprint Qualifier (and maybe the Final) at the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland in August; and Mark & Patti Mace and Tom Wells will be competing in the World Deaf Orienteering Championships in Rochester, NY also in August. So *sprint* events will be especially useful, as all four (?) athletes will be racing in sprints; but middle & long woods-type courses will also be helpful for Mark, Patti, & Tom (and anyone competing in Europe or Canada this summer or the US in the fall).


Let me know if you would like to host. Tell me the date and place so I can put you on the calendar. Dates are first come-first serve. If you have questions I’m sure I can answer them.

Also, I’ll put together a SSS email list as I did last year. Let me know if you’d like to be on it, or if you know of someone I should add who doesn’t get the QOC Yahoo emails.


Looking forward to a great summer of orienteering training and camaraderie!  

Thanks –

Peggy Dickison

SSS Mistress

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