2016 Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison

If you were at last Sunday’s B. Chase, you heard my pitch about the Summer Short Series. Now going into its 19th (!) year, the SSS is a great way for orienteers to do some navigation training, perhaps get some woods running in, and have a chance to socialize with like-minded people. Although it’s geared toward advanced-course runners, everyone is welcome, with the knowledge that less-experienced orienteers may have to cut a training short.


The events are very low key and generally attendance is around 15-25. We have one “host,” who sets a course or two, prints the maps if relevant, and runs the event. It’s a good way to get your feet wet in course setting and/or administration. We don’t usually use real controls, epunches, map cases, food at the finish etc. If you’re thinking about hosting but would like to know more before committing, please contact me with your questions.


Events generally take place around 4 pm on Saturdays*, with an optional dinner, usually at a restaurant but sometimes at someone’s house, following. We charge $5, and all the proceeds go to the US Senior Team to help them with their travel and training expenses.** This year, as has frequently been the case, QOC has a member on the US Team traveling to the World Championships. This year, : Hannah Culberg will race for the US yey in Sweden in August. We can cheer her from afar, and when the event gets closer, we’ll post a website where you can follow the progress of Hannah and all the Team members.


We currently have three events already on the calendar. We’ll be piggybacking on Dave and Heidi Onkst’s two beginner events, July 16 at Mason Neck, and August 6 at Wheaton. On August 20th we’ll piggyback on the Great Outdoor Event at Little Bennett, as we did last year. I don’t know if any of these events need separate hosts—I’ll check—but if they do, these are super easy ones to put on.


If you’d like to host, please let me know. We’d love to start this Saturday if possible, so if you’re ready let me know asap. When you email me about hosting, please tell me the date you’d like to host and the location. It does not have to be at a park where we have an orienteering map, because there are all sorts of orienteering training we can do. One year I put on a (very small) SSS at a park near my house that has a long, gentle hill and the participants studied a map at the bottom, ran hard to the top where there was an identical map, and marked a control they’d seen on the first map on the second. Think outside the box and normal courses. We’re usually willing to try anything. (Including, in past years, bike o, canoe o, cell phone o, and other innovations.)


If you were on last year’s email list, you’re still on it. If you’d like to be added, please email me (pdickison@...) and I’ll add you. After this week, I will only send out event announcements to the email list.


Questions? Let me know. Hope to see you in the woods/parks/Panera this summer.

Peggy Dickison

SSS Mistress


*Time/day is negotiable. Sometimes Saturday mornings or Sundays work better. Host chooses.

**Since OUSA is a non-profit organization, this money is tax deductible. If you don’t derive significant pleasure from the event. J

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