Mid-Atlantic Junior Team Training Day Recap

Boris Granovskiy

In conjunction with QOC's night and day events at Hemlock Overlook this past weekend, the Mid-Atlantic Junior Regional Orienteering Team held a full training day for its members.

We had six juniors in attendance, ranging in ages from 11 to 16, and coming from both QOC and our neighbors to the North, DVOA. I was assisted by visiting coach and US Team member Alex Jospe from Cambridge Sports Union.

The first part of the morning training was a control picking exercise, where controls are placed close together with a lot of changes in direction between legs. The goals of this exercises included getting the juniors to think about detailed map reading and control exit angles, and getting them used to the map. The group met up at the end of the control picking exercise and split up into two groups. In each group, people took turns leading a leg and talking out loud about what they were doing for that leg. I was impressed with how well the juniors orienteered and thought about route selection and execution.

After a short break, the juniors went and ran their courses at the regular QOC meet. I asked them to run courses that would take them under an hour, and to try to run those courses at racing speed. As a result, our juniors had the top two results on yellow and the top two on orange.

This was followed by a light lunch and a discussion about the courses.

After a short break, we explained the next exercise and sent the juniors back out into the woods. This was a handrail and attack point training. Each leg was meant to be run along a fairly solid handrail (or combination of handrails) to a distinct attack point, where a control was hanging. From there, the goal was to be very precise with the attack to the actual control, which only had a streamer.

Alex and I went out into the woods and spent some time watching the juniors before picking up some flags.

We finished up with a debrief of what went well and what didn't, as well as a discussion of takeaways from the training day.

It was so much fun to work with this great group of enthusiastic and talented juniors with great attitudes!! And a huge thank you to everyone who helped: coach Alex, lunch supervisor Alli Brown, control collector Vido Aleksiev, control hangers Kevin and Hannah Culberg, and all the parents who lent us their kids for the day.

Training days like this one and other upcoming opportunities are open to all members of the Mid-Atlantic Junior Regional Orienteering Team. For information about joining the team and the necessary level of commitment, please email me, Boris Granovskiy, at boris.granovskiy@... .

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