Re: Orienteer at Clopper Lake (Seneca Ck State Park) This Sunday

Nadim Ahmed

I'll add that as I put out the controls for the event I saw lots of beautiful terrain.  The park is at one of its most beautiful times of the year.  Trees and carpets of wildflowers were plenty and in full bloom.  Mapped water features were drier than normal. Grasses are growing but are not too high yet.  I hope you enjoy the day and the courses--I did even when a brief thundershower came through.   


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We have a full set of courses (white through blue) ready for all you orienteers this Sunday, April 23, at the Clopper Lake section of Seneca Creek State Park (Gaithersburg, MD). Extensive course notes are posted on the event webpage, and we strongly encourage you to read them as they discuss out-of-bounds areas, road crossings, and the best ways to run through a disc golf course (politely!).

You won't need to worry about experiencing an overly hot day this Sunday, as the forecast is calling for a cool and cloudy day with a chance of rain. At least currently, the bulk of the rain is predicted to be relatively far south of our event area, but come prepared and hopefully you'll have a fine adventure. 

Event timing is standard: register at the event any time between 10:45 - 1:15pm, start between 11 - 1:30pm, and be out of the woods before 3pm. Full driving directions, course lengths and of course those all important course notes are on the event webpage as usual - see you on Sunday!

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