Summer Short Series event & update

Peggy Dickison

Hi all,


This will (probably) be the last time I blast the QOC Yahoo Group, so if you’re not on the SSS list and would like to be, please let me know. Conversely, if you’d like to be taken off, let me know that as well.


This Saturday, 10 June, we’ll have our first SSS of 2016.

Venue: Fountainhead, west side, parking (limited!) and start on Wolf Run Shoals Road.,+Clifton,+VA+20124/@38.7344565,-77.3577076,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b650f807026199:0x52f5344ed669ea0f!8m2!3d38.7409776!4d-77.3458374

This is actually the intersection with Henderson Road; take Wolf Run Shoals Rd. south as far as you can and at the end is the parking.


Start: 4 pm à

End: By 6ish.


Courses: There are three. We will be vetting the courses for the International Cartographic Conference’s orienteering event, which will be on 7 July.

·         Advanced beginner course (Yellow), 1.7 km, 8 controls

·         Intermediate (Orange), 3.1 km, 10 controls

·         Short Advanced (Brown), 3.7 km, 10 controls


Because I’m trying to gauge appropriateness of difficulty and making sure the controls are in the right place, I’d love for some people who usually run Yellow or Orange to participate. (Unfortunately, my family Yellow runner won’t be available. L ) Usually SSS events are for intermediate to advanced orienteers, so this is a great chance to check out the SSS vibe!


Controls: are marked with pink streamers, with control number and some other data (“ICC/QOC 7/6/17”) on them. No real controls, no e-punching. QOC members are welcome to race the courses after the ICC participants on 7 July (a Thursday) for a small SSS-level fee, and then there will be real controls & e-punch boxes. In the meantime, there are streamers!


Fee: A donation of at least $5, which will go to the US Senior Team, is requested. A larger donation is of course welcome.

What you get: a map! Some water! (none on the course) Beautiful woods to run in! If you ran QOC’s recent event in Fountainhead, you know what I mean. Fun socializing with like-minded people!


The woods can be slippery if it’s been wet. As always, please take precautions against bug bites and watch for ticks, poison ivy, and chiggers. I have not run into any of these while out in these woods but I may have been lucky , or just well prepared.


After everyone is done, whoever is interested will go out for dinner. We’ll determine the location later. Not much in the immediate vicinity.


Schedule updates:

June 17 – open

June 24 – open

July 1 – open

July 8 – open

July 15 – open

July 22 – Manassas w/ Daniel H. hosting (Daniel, please correct me if I have the date wrong. I may have forgotten since Sunday!)

July 29 – open

Aug 5 – open

Aug 12 – Oregon Ridge (morning?) w/ Francis Hogle

Aug 19 – open

Aug 26 – open


SSS events that haven’t been scheduled yet are at Gallaudet (Maces) and the National Mall (Don F.). Squirrel Kill? Perhaps!


Keep tuned to find out what’s happening. And if you’d like to host, just send me an email.


Peggy Dickison

QOC SSS Mistress

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