Relay this weekend

Peggy Dickison

Sorry for the blast, but it’s easier than finding all the relevant emails. If you’re not attending the National event this weekend (the Westchester Challenge), you can ignore this!


So Sunday there’s a relay. Awards are for club relay teams in two point categories (3 and 7). Teams are 3 runners each. It looks like there are 15 QOC members registered for the relay, but some of them will be running on junior teams that Boris is putting together.


I am not QOC (and will be running on an ad hoc team) but I’m happy to put together teams if people are interested. If you want me to put you on a team, send me an email, ideally with your point value (I can look it up if you don’t know it) and if you want to run with specific people. If you’ve already put together a team, you can let me know – or not. (Boris, if you could let me know what juniors will be on a junior team, that would be helpful.)


If I don’t hear from you, I won’t put you on a team and I’ll assume you already have a team. If I haven’t heard from you and I need another person or two, I might reach out and ask about your plans.


If there’s already someone putting together teams, that’s great, I’ll step aside. Nadim tells me he hasn’t heard anything so I thought I’d be proactive. Y’all can tell me to take a hike if you want. J



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