Celebrate & Orienteer This Sunday At Jug Bay

Greg Lennon

We wrap up another Sept to June season this coming Sunday at Jug Bay with our annual BEvERage Chase - the longest running orienteering event in the US - and we hope to see you there for both the orienteering and of course the picnic/party, hosted by event director Mike Newman.

This event has a mass start at noon, and looping courses suitable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced thanks to course setter Craig Shelden. Pre-registration is now open and strongly encouraged: and as an extra incentive to pre-register, the event is free to all QOC members and even discounted for non-members if, and only if, you pre-register. No refunds for free registrations!

Please check the event webpage for full details including of course the potluck suggestions, and plan to stay after your run to cool down and socialize. We will also be recognizing volunteers and making a variety of announcements.

OK, now go and register, and we'll see you Sunday!

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