2018 Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison

Hi O’ folks!


It’s already that time of year: the B*** Chase is tomorrow, and that means the end of the 17-18 local orienteering season is over. But those of us who will be racing in the summer elsewhere, or early in the fall, or just love orienteering training, will want to take advantage of Quantico’s annual series of Saturday evening training sessions.


For those who haven’t participated before and/or don’t know what the series entails, here are the important details.

·         These are low-key events, often with just one or two courses (or training exercise), aimed at advanced orienteers. Often intermediate orienteers are able to participate as well and get something out of it. Sometimes we even piggyback on the club’s beginner’s events, which obviously are good for the whole family!

·         They (generally) take place at 4 pm on Saturdays, followed by a group dining experience. Though sometimes they are at other times, if it works better for the organizer (“host”) or venue. And dining is completely optional, but most people find that this is a great time to socialize, get to know other orienteers better, and maybe learn some cool tips.

·         Although it’s called a “series,” there’s no requirement to do any specific number; there are no awards or standings. Each event stands on its own.

·         Results aren’t published and often aren’t even recorded.

·         Usually it’s not timed with e-punches; often it’s old-school ribbons or just controls to touch.

·         Cost is *still* an amazing bargain at $5/event, with *all* the proceeds going directly to the US Senior Foot Orienteering Team to help them defray their expenses (going to the World Champs, World Cups, North Americans etc.). We *always* are happy to take donations above that amount (and at Ted’s not-to-be-missed event, it’s almost demanded). The donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

·         The events are put on by you, and people like you! This is actually an easy way to get your feet wet course setting and/or organizing an event, since you don’t have to set a full complement of courses. Please consider volunteering to host.

·         Training often takes place on maps/in parks we don’t use for regular events, because the area is too small or has poor logistics; the map isn’t completed yet; we can’t get permission for a larger event; or some other reason. Many of our usual sites started out as Summer Short Series sites.

·         The series has been going on for over 20 years and is a great way to get motivated to run in DC’s horrible summer weather and nasty summer woods. If you want to be ready for the fall, this is a great way to do it!


Here are the dates (all are available to be filled, though we do have one event I know of, with a flexible date). We aim to have events every weekend but it doesn’t always happen. Along with the dates, I’m listing a major event that some club people are attending, just in case you want to avoid that date.


June 9  (Boston Sprint Camp)

June 16  (Jukola Relay, Finland)

June 23  (Los Angeles 2-day incl a National Ranking Event)

June 30  (Arctic O, Greenland; World Masters Mountain Bike O’ Champs, Hungary)

July 7  (World Masters O’ Champs, Denmark)

July 14  (Junior World Champs, Hungary)

July 21  (O-Ringen, Sweden; World University Champs, Finland)

July 28

Aug 4  (World Orienteering Champs, Latvia)

Aug 11  (WOC, Latvia)

Aug 18  (North American O Champs, Yukon, Can)
Aug 25

Sep 1  (Rocky Mtn O’ Fest, Wyoming)


By the way, while the money raised by this event goes to the Senior Team, I wanted to give a shout-out to our own Diana Aleksieva, who will be representing the US in the Junior Worlds in Hungary! (To support her and the Team, you can make a donation or participate in their fun control challenge … see https://www.attackpoint.org/discussionthread.jsp/message_1289689#message1293979 for more information).

And Michael Laraia, who runs for Minnesota OC but is in the area this summer for an internship, will be competing in the World University Champs. That’s part of the Senior Team so some of the money we earn will help the US WUOC Team.


But it’s not just about helping our Teams. It’s about maintaining your skills, improving your skills, sweating a ton, hanging out with friends, and having fun!


Last year the email list got too big but I may try sending messages differently. If I manage that, then if you were on the list last year, you need do nothing. If you were not on the email list last year and you would like to be this year, *send me an email* (pdickison@...). This is also the email to reach me to schedule an event. I send updates and information regularly.


I hope to see a lot of you in the summer woods!

Peggy Dickison

SSS Mistress

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