Training weekend regular registration deadline tomorrow; late through Saturday


The training weekend to be held in Prince William Forest Park on March 16-17 is filling up but nowhere near full yet.  Regular pricing of $60 for the whole weekend (less for options to take part only on Saturday or only on Sunday) will be in effect through the end of Tuesday.  After that, the weekend will cost $70 per person until registration closes at midnight on Saturday. There are, knock on wood, no weather events on a scale likely to shut down the whole park in the long range forecast so a repeat of last year's forced cancellation apparently isn't in the offing. If you can spare some or all of that weekend and would like to both get in some early spring season orienteering training and help us do justice to the fabulous meals Florence and helpers will be producing, the time to sign up is now.  Cheers.

Jon Torrance

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