Relay at Jr Nats this weekend

Peggy Dickison

Hi everyone! Sorry for the blast to the entire club; this is aimed at those QOCers who are competing in this weekend’s Jr Nationals, specifically Saturday’s relay.

Is anyone putting together teams? I haven’t heard anything and no one I’ve asked has, either. IF there’s no one out there already putting together or contemplating putting together teams, that’s great (and let me know!0. If not, I’m willing to do it.


If I do do this, I need info from those of you who are running in the relay. First, if you’ve already put together your team, just let me know that (and who’s on it, so I don’t try top out someone on an additional team).


The teams are 3, 6, and 9 points. Let me know how many points you are (under 15=3, 15-16 = 2, 17-20=1; 40-49=1; 50-59=2; 60+=3; and women are additional 2 points. Age is orienteering age – your age on Dec 31).

3 and 6 point teams have legs of ~3k, at about Orange level, with the middle leg a little easier technically. For the 9-point team, the middle leg will be like a Yellow.

If you have a preference for what leg (order or level of difficulty) let me know. And if you have somebody(ies) you’d like to run with I can put that team together.

We’ll try to put together real scholastic junior teams, which will run the same courses as the 9-point teams (junior varsity) or the 3- and 6-pt teams (senior varsity), but if you really want to have a family team with your junior, we can do that. The relay doesn’t count for the Jr Nats scholastic results so it won’t hurt if a junior doesn’t run on a scholastic team.

Confused? Check the website, which probably is more understandable than my explanation.


Please let me know by Thursday evening if you want me to put you on a team!

Peggy D.


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