Relay teams for Saturday

Peggy Dickison

Hi again, and sorry for the blast. I don’t have everyone’s email address so I figured I’d just send this to everyone. If you’re not running the relay at the Jr Nats, feel free to stop reading now. J


Here are the teams I’m proposing. If you already have a team, or want to be on a team with someone else, or changed your mind about running, let me know ASAP! I didn’t hear from many of you, but Valerie kindly sent me a list of who paid/registered to run it.

Valerie, consider these teams our initial entries … or wait for confirmation tomorrow.


Order of listing is proposed order of running. Note that for the Jr Varsity, 6-point teams, and 9-point teams, the middle leg is the easiest (Yellow-ish); the others are about orange-level and all legs are around 3 km. You can switch who runs which leg if you all agree (let Valerie know!).


Jr Varsity Team

Sam Loustaunau

Patrick Hession

Max Ahmed


3-Point Team #1

Brian Loustaunau

Ron Pontius

Petr Minar


3-Point Taem #2 (the injured reserve)

Boris Granovskiy

Allison Brown

Nadim Ahmed


6-point Team

Chris Silva

Tegan Mortimer

Florence Tan


9-Point Team

Tom Nolan

Alex Merka

Ted Good


I will be putting out controls tomorrow morning and may not have a chance to check my email much more tonight, but please let me know if the team I’ve put you on doesn’t work for you and I’ll adjust as best as possible.

Thanks everyone!




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