Get ready for some hot orienteering!

Peggy Dickison

Oh boy it got hot fast! Obviously, it’s now summer. And for orienteers in the DC area, that can only mean that the annual Summer Short Series is almost here!


We have one last regular event (the B*** Chase, not to be missed!), but then QOC officially takes the summer off. Along with the heat, the woods are thick, the bugs are bad, and it’s just not a lot of fun to get yourself out into the woods. For those of us who will be competing this summer and/or early fall, however, continuing to train is important. With something organized for you to do, it’s always easier to get motivated. And, side benefit, the events tend to be very social, usually with an optional group meal after the training.


If you’re new to QOC, here are a few key details:

Events are usually held on Saturday late afternoons. Each one has a host, who puts together training of some sort (sometimes regular courses, sometimes some type of technical training, occasionally some kind of running training), provides the map, and tells us the details of the training. (Hosts often, but not always, also choose a post-training eatery for the group.)


Events have a short starting window, since there aren’t a lot of us. They are typically geared toward advanced orienteers or those confident intermediate or even beginner orienteers who are willing to give it a try. But each event is a little different, and some are easier for non-advanced folks. I (or the host) will send out an email in the week before the training with location and the details.


Charge: We ask for a donation of a cool $5 (per person or map), which will go to the US Senior Orienteering Team. Donations above $5 are very welcome! (Tax deductible if you’re able to do that.)


I will be sending out a list of dates next week. If you choose to host, you pick the location and the training. Last year the most popular events were urban (U of Maryland; George Mason U; downtown DC), but forest events are good too (please pick parks with pleasant woods!). In past years we’ve had bike o’, canoe o, score o, cell phone o’,  and probably variations I’ve forgotten. Basically, if it includes reading a map and moving under our own power, it’s good!


I will be creating a separate email list for participants. Because I’m planning on creating a new list, please let me know if you want to be included, *even if you’ve been on the list before.*


One last thing: we already have a few events planned, including our first on Saturday, 8 June. Stay tuned for details!


Summer Short Series Mistress

Peggy Dickison


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