Re: Calling all QOC Mappers,

Greg Lennon


Happy to help with this, but providing a map-by-map answer to your request isn't really feasible.

In summary though:
  • The QOC Map Vault I maintain and back up is currently 2.45GB in size.
    • There are a total of 494 OCAD files distributed into 79 folders (most folders = 1 park).
  • An additional 62GB of map information (older files and related data) is kept but not backed up regularly.
    • There are about 6,200 files distributed over 300+ folders of information.
  • The "QOC Area Terrains for Mapping Consideration" google spreadsheet, which is shared and editable by you and 5 other QOC members, contains 158 Mid-Atlantic areas/parks and their O-mappability assessments.
Might I suggest that on your behalf I establish a sub-group within specifically for QOC mapping/mapper threads?


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