Re: Intermediate terrain walk at Gunston Hall this Sunday

Chuck Ferguson

   When we are doing terrain walks now for our NJROTC classes, we are stressing keeping the map oriented by using the terrain around you.  Most can orient the map with a compass but all should know both processes. You may already do this.  

19, at 19:42, Jon <jon.torrance@...> wrote:


As I have in seasons past, I plan on leading some instructional terrain walks this season. I've been thinking about how these work and have decided it might be more productive if I offered separate intermediate and advanced level terrain walks.  The first one this season, this Sunday at Gunston Hall, assuming there's demand, will therefore be an intermediate level walk, aimed at people who feel like they have mastered yellow courses and are ready to try orange courses, people who are currently doing orange courses but don't feel as though they've mastered them yet, and anyone in between. We'll walk around a short course made up of the controls in the woods for the day's event and do our best to discuss the whole set of skills and techniques needed for intermediate level orienteering as they apply to that course. If you'd like to take part, please email me to say so and plan on getting to the event early so you can be done your usual course and assembled at registration by 12:55pm.  The walk will hopefully begin promptly at 1:00pm and take up most if not all of the time until courses close at 3pm. Cheers.

Jon Torrance

P.S. I expect to offer an another, advanced level terrain walk before year's end, at an event yet to be selected.

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