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David Onkst

Opps, Jon.  Sorry I'm just now getting back to you about this, but I'm happy to run a relay, as long as my knee has blown up too badly by then.  So, put me where you need me.



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QOC members,

A reminder - SVO has requested that people pre-register for Sunday's Mid-Atlantic Championships no later than today and isn't guaranteeing a map will be available for anyone who doesn't meet that deadline.  There's no need to pay until you show up on Sunday and no penalty for not showing, so if there's any chance of your making it to the event, please register today.  When I checked earlier today, DVOA was slightly ahead of us in the number of members registered, so given their smaller membership, they're definitely beating us handily in the points for participation unless that turns around.

By contrast, you can take your time to contact me about running in the relay - just based on the visible registration data, less than a quarter of the QOC members who plan on running in the relay have done so to date, either to tell me about the team they've put together or to tell me they'd like me to assign them to a team. While I'd appreciate if everyone doesn't wait until the last minute, it's okay to put that off until Saturday.  Thanks.

Jon Torrance, QOC Mid-Atlantics Coordinator

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