O' suits and Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison


Okay QOC, the Summer Short Series WILL go on this summer, even if we have to rename it the Cicada Crunch Series. (So far though, I personally have not seen more than I can count on one hand …).


If you are interested in hosting a SSS event, please let me know and we’ll get the word out. Contact me if you have any questions about suitability of training or any other questions. As always, this training is geared to advanced orienteers, though others are welcome to attend as long as they realize they may have to quit before dark.

Dates (all Saturdays, early evening; conflicts/notes in parens):

5 June (SVO Rogaine; Tahoe 2-Day A meet — we may have a few out-of-town orienteers, here for Kenny’s   wedding, join those of us who aren’t heading up to Pennsylvania or out to California)

(12 June – night before Beer Chase; unless someone really wants to put on an event, we’ll probably skip this date)

19 June

26 June (Blue Ridge Classic, NC A meet)

3 July (4th of July weekend; Georgia Navigator Cup, GA A meet)

10 July

17 July

24 July

31 July (Rocky Mtn 1000 Day)

7 August (Rocky Mtn 1000 Day)

14 August

21 August

28 August

(4 September, Labor Day weekend, if no regular meets are scheduled)



Here’s an opportunity to get new o’ clothes and help the US O’ Team at the same time! Limited time offer: like last year, the US o’ community is invited to buy o’ suits that are (almost) identical to those worn by the US Team in the World Championships. The “supporter” suits will be different only in that they will not say USA on the back of the o’ tops and jacket. The prices for the clothes are high, but the quality is top-notch, and the Team makes some money off of every piece of clothing bought. (I can check on tax deductibility, if anyone is interested.) So you don’t really want to wear the same clothes as the WOC team – think you might feel embarrassed? How about a pair of pants or gaiters, in solid navy (the pants with cool white piping on the side)? You can choose from knee-length, regular, regular with knee elastic, or ones with built-in gaiters. I have these gaiter pants and for woods that don’t have really nasty stuff, they’re perfect.

You may also want to consider a new item this year: the Extreme top. This is much more generic looking, just blue and white. It’s some kind of miracle fabric and they’re all the rage among elites worldwide these days. A bit pricey, but I’m willing to bet the top is worth it. I’m ordering one! I can also recommend the
”trainer extreme trousers,” which have lycra on the back, articulated knees, and are GREAT for winter woods running.

The deadline for ordering is May 26th, no exceptions, as the order needs to get to Trimtex in Norway with enough time for them to make the suits for the WOC team. How to order: first, to the US Team website,

http://bmay.d.umn.edu/USTeam/index.html  or, more directly, Joe Scarborough’s website, http://orienteer.com/usa2004.htm, take a look at the info & pricing, and then send your order to Joe Scarborough.

Suits should arrive in the summer.



Peggy Dickison,

SSS Mistress

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