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Peggy Dickison

Catching Features is great fun, pretty realistic (though you have to choose between viewing the map and seeing the terrain, which is distracting – essentially, it’s map memory), and, bonus, was created by a former junior member of QOC.

There are a couple other games – links on the USOF homepage can get you to them. One is out of Australia & the other is by a guy in California (don’t know if there are more or not). I’ve tried one of them, it was fine, but Catching Features is much better. And not too expensive J.



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>do you know happen to know of any home exercises or computer games that >provide good mental practice/training for orienteering?

There are myriad things one can do that qualify as home exercises, most of which involve studying maps in one form or another.  I'll put in a plug for the club library, which contains many back issues of ONA with maps and courses from A meets past, many with the routes of top competitors marked, some also including detailed course analyses.  The library also has orienteering technique manuals.

Regarding computer games, I know there is at least one such called Catching Features ( which enjoys fairly good word of mouth on AttackPoint and Orienteering Online (at least one world class orienteer has made reference to playing the game while injured in an interview featured there).  I don't know whether CF has competitors and haven't tried it myself.

Jon Torrance

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