Summer Series Saturday, 8/21/04

Jon <djon@...>

When: Saturday, August 21, 2004 5:15pm mass start, come early enough
to be ready then

Everyone will break their exercise at 6:15

We will be on our way to a restaurant by 6:45

And out early enough for anyone going to Hickory Run

Where: Loch Raven

Providence Road (exit 28) on the north side of the Baltimore Beltway

2.3 miles north of the exit

Park on the right (east) side of Providence

There will be a line of parked cars, park in that line

Walk north past the line to registration

What: Relocation exercise done in pairs

Each pair will have an envelope of maps with only a single control
circle marked on each

The pair takes turns pulling a map out of the envelope, running the
leg, then handing the envelope to his partner

Partner without the map tucks his compass and any maps away and simply
follows `blind'

Every pair will have the same set of maps; but, the maps will be
shuffled so the controls will come up randomly

Other: $3 minimum donation to the US Team

Please e-mail me ASAP, so I can have maps ready
(inkjet maps will not appear out of thin air)

Come as a pair; or if not, we will find a partner for you

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