Re: Great Falls Green in Route Gadget

Peggy Dickison

While I’m flattered (?) that my sense of humor is such that I would make up such a bizarre route, I will assure you all that I drew in my correct route yet the software flaked out and came up with the route you see instead. I saw it & tried a second time, and a second time the route went bizarre. I have no explanation. I haven’t had a chance to try it again.

But it does make me look really fast.

And really incompetent navigationally.


I assure you I am neither. (Usually.)



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>  > Can anyone offer analysis of Peggy Dickison's green route choices
>  at Great
>  > Falls? I wonder if her comment really says it all.
>  I am thinking that Peggy or someone else was pulling our leg - I
>  can't imagine Peggy would have stumbled around the course in that
>  fashion - crack or no crack.  :)
>  Valerie

It struck me as something I could picture Peggy doing and saying (not
stumbling around the course that way since I'm sure no one on earth could
have run the routes as drawn that quickly - it must be well over twice,
maybe three times, as long as the nominal distance for the course) but the
humour seems consistent with the Peggy I know.  But if someone else has
besmirched Peggy's navigational ability, steps can no doubt be taken.


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