Re: Summer Short Series, 2005

Peggy Dickison

Sounds great!

Regarding permission, it may not be necessary, depending on the kind of park. We got a pretty authoritative answer several years ago for using most of our regular o’ parks that, for the size of our summer events (almost always under 20 people), the park people didn’t care. So we’ve been going on that. But you probably know the park well enough to have a feel for whether they need to give official permission. I’d try calling and telling them we would only have a dozen or so runners.



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·         Hello
Thanks for doing the summer series again. I would like host on June 18th. I
have been working on a map in the Sterling Va area. The map is behind Park
View High School and it covers Claude Moore Park. It is a small park. Most
of the map was finished when a huge indoor swimming pool started to grow. I
think I can get the map done , and I can have courses even if the pool is
not on the map. The only question is offical permission. I'll see what I can
So, how about it?


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