18 June Summer Short Series

Peggy Dickison

Greetings all!
The first Summer Short Series of 2005 will take place this Saturday,
18 June. Our host is David Pruden. The event will be held in
northern Virginia.

Here's the pertinent info from Dave.

I am still planning doing an old style summer series. Streamers
controls. (color) Copy of the map and short course.
I don't have an offical distance yet.

For directions: Take route 7 west to Cascades Parkway. It is past
Reston and
past sterling Blvd. It is just after NOVA Community college. It is a
leaf exit.
Once on Cascades Parkway go past the Costco and through the
with Potomac View Road.
Take the next available left. This is the nature center entrance of
park. The parking lot is small at the nature center but it is away
from the
softball team parking and I am sure there will be games in progress.
Start is at 6pm? Right?[ed -- Yes!] Remember that the map is still
in progress. Let me know if I need to add anything. Thanks, Dave P

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