2006 Summer Short Series Finale

Peggy Dickison

The final Summer Short Series event for 2006 will take place on
Saturday, 26 August, at Glendening Preserve in Bristol, Maryland. The
map and area have never been used before. The preserve borders the
Patuxent River and Route 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) just over the Prince
George's County line in Ann Arundel County. If you've been to the Jug
Bay Wetlands Sanctuary for one of the Beer Chases, you've passed by

What: 2 sprints, part of the US Sprint series; as a US Team
Fundraiser, each sprint is worth 35 points to the winners. We are
planning on having e-punching.
When: Because the park closes at 5, the starts are earlier than normal
for the SSS. The first sprint will start at 1:30; the second will
start at 3 or 3:15. The gate is currently scheduled to be opened for
us at 1 pm, but I will try to get the park people to open earlier.
There is limited pull-off space outside the gate if you get there
before the gate opens.

Map details: 1:5000, contour interval 5 m; fieldchecked 2002 & 2005 by
Dave Linthicum and drafted by Dave.

Course details: Sprint 1 is 2.87 km with 70m climb and 10 controls.
Sprint 2 is 2.97 km with 40m climb and 9 controls.

Terrain: Much of the preserve is flat/gentle, mapped as white (which
varies from Great Fallsish-white to almost-green white); steep slopes
along the Patuxent River and Galloway Creek (north & northeast); two
areas of detailed vegetation (a former Christmas tree farm) with open
and dark green areas (pines) making for tricky navigation. There is a
large network of trails, some fairly easy to run over without noticing
it. Mapped features tend to be small. There are no rock features.
You'll likely stay dry for both races.

Directions: From the Beltway, take Route 4 to the East/South, past
Upper Marlboro and across the Patuxent River. Exit onto Plummer Lane
and take the second right (almost immediate) into the preserve.
There are no facilities in the preserve.

Dining options are limited nearby; I will try to find something worth
going to for our post-run meal.

Cost: a minimum donation of $5 is requested. As this is a team
fundraiser (and is thus a tax deduction if you itemize), larger
donations are very welcome.

The sprints are recommended for advanced orienteers, as the courses
are entirely in the woods. Others are welcome, with the understanding
that you must be out of the woods within an announced time.

RSVPs are requested for map-printing purposes, though not required.
Please send an email to me (pdickison@comcast.net).


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