Re: Mid-Atlantic Relay Teams

Tom Strat



Thanks for putting me on such a competitive team.


Unfortunately I sprained my ankle a few days ago and have to scratch.  I was hoping to be able to run on it this weekend, but no such luck….


Good luck!







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Below are the QOC teams for the Mid-Atlantics on Sunday. Unless I hear from you, I will assume you will run. J


Teams are listed in order of *suggested* leg order, but you & your teammates can discuss and choose which leg each will run. The leg lengths are 2.3 km with 9 controls; 2.73 km with 6 controls; and 2.1 km with 8 controls. Level of difficulty has not been indicated; I assume they’re not super-hard courses.

Handicap, in time to be taken off of total, is listed next to the first team member.


  1. Tanner Harrison  11:52

Kris Beecroft

Graham Harrison


  1. Tom Strat     2:40

Jon Torrance

Nadim Ahmed


  1. Kathleen Lennon  18:00

Peggy Dickison

Heidi Onkst


      4.    Bryan Williams    6:10

            Tim Good

            Paul Stetekluh


      5.   Greg Lennon   4:00

            Dave Hauver

            Tom Nolan



Questions, comments, and complaints (about the team make-up only), please feel free to send my way.

Regarding running regular courses: I have no great strategic vision about this, except to urge women to NOT run Blue. (Like we have to be urged.) I suggest you run your normal course … though if you normally run an advanced course, you may want to switch to one you think you could score on.

Don’t forget to note the distance you drive to the meet site.




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