Re: USA Team Jackets Needed

Peggy Dickison

I have three USA Team jackets (all small, but Trimtex runs big, partly because they’re unisex) that can be borrowed. They’re slightly different from each other: one has an elastic waistband & the other has a drawstring, but otherwise they look about the same. These two say just “USA” on the back..

I also have one of the more recent jackets that says “USA Orienteering” on the back. You’re welcome to borrow one or two or all three.


If you need tops, I have some you can borrow.


I’m really excited for you guys!!!




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We, the USA Deaf Orienteering Team, are going to Denmark in late June
for our FIRST deaf competition. We were wondering if we can BORROW the
old Trimtex windbreaker jackets with "USA Orienteering Team" printed
on the back. We only need 3 more - 1 small, 1 medium & 1 large. Please
contact Patti Mace at Thanks! :-)

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