Re: 2007 - 2008 QOC Schedule for Virginia


Good news! Vic Culp has signed on as Meet Director for Hemlock and Tom Strat will be the Course Setter. Don Davis is the new course setter for Balls Bluff in April.
Now the only missing pieces are a Course Setter and Meet Director for the Feb. 24 meet at Prince William Park...on the newly mapped area that we will be using for the U.S. Champs this fall! How exciting!
In addition, I know Sid could use some assistance for the Lake Accotink meet on Sept. 15. This is the National Orienteering Day event, so we are bound to have many beginners.
                                                    MEET DIRECTOR      COURSE SETTER
                                                    ---------------       ---------------

15-Sep                    Lake Accotink              Sid Sachs                  Sid Sachs

23-Sep                    Hemlock Overlook         Vic Culp                    Tom Strat

18-Nov                    Pohick Bay                   Mike Bianchetta         Dan Quinn

16-Dec                    Manassas                    Andy Britton              Tim Good

13-Jan                    South Fork                    Kris Beecroft              Valerie Meyer

27-Jan                    Lake Fairfax                  Gary Smith                 Jon Torrance

24-Feb                    Prince William

                             (newly mapped area)       VACANT                   VACANT                                   

9-Mar                      FUMA                         Carl Meunch               FUMA Cadets

23-Mar                    Westmoreland              Mike Brooks (?)

20-Apr                     Balls Bluff                    Marit Davis                 Don Davis

11-May                    Fountainhead               Dave Hauver               Victor Lin

1-Jun                      Meadowood                                                   Sid Sachs

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