Orienteer at Pohick Bay This Sunday

Greg Lennon

With registration based out of one of nicest pavilions in our area (the Eagle's Nest Veranda right at the water's edge), we invite you to come orienteer at Pohick Bay Regional Park (east of Lorton, VA) this Sunday, May 13.

We will have a full suite of seven courses (white through blue) thanks to the Merkas, and event timing will be standard (register any time between 10:45 - 1:15, start between 11 - 1:30, and be back before 3pm).

Save your money but bring food! By that, we mean:

  • When you enter the park, tell the attendant you are attending the QOC Orienteering event in order to not have to pay the entry fee (the club permit fee covers everyone's entry);
  • You're encouraged to bring food and drinks to enjoy on our veranda; it has tables and chairs and a refrigerator (and rumor has it there's a stocked ice cream freezer that may have goodies for those who have finished their course).
See you Sunday!

Orienteer on Foot or on Bike This Sunday at Rosaryville

Greg Lennon

Online registration is now open for this Sunday's orienteering event at Rosaryville State Park (Maryland), where we are offering both classic (foot) and mountain bike course options, albeit at different times.

Mountain Bike Orienteering: Sign in between 8:45 - 9:45am, start anytime between 9 - 10, and be back before 11:30am. Choose one of three courses (short, medium and long) set by Tom Nolan. Register here.

Classic/Foot Orienteering: Sign in between 10:45 - 11:15, start between 11 - 1:30, and be back before 3pm. Choose from among seven courses (white through blue) set by Russ Damtoft. Register here.

Online Registration: We are strongly encouraging online registration for this event due to (new) park guidelines, so please register now. We plan to keep registration open through the event, but since it's easier to register in advance rather than at the event, why not do it now? And although we wish we could collect the park entrance fee as well online, we can't, so keep in mind that cash is a good thing to have on hand for the $3 in-state, $5 out-of-state per vehicle park entrance fee.

Event Director Jane Leggett will also have the charcoal grill going so feel free to bring some grill-able goodies for a picnic.

Full course and event details - and the links to register for either or both events - can be found via our event webpage. One last remind

RouteGadget for Granite


The map for the Granite RouteGadget was not calibrated correctly, as some of you may have noticed.

The original event was deleted and replaced.  So, if you put your route in, it is gone.

Please redo -

And, if you haven't put your route in at all, please do so.

Thank you!

Questions/comments to me directly at vmeyer9086@...


Sunny Saturday Orienteering at Patapsco/Granite

Greg Lennon

This *Saturday*, April 21, the Maces hope to see you at the Granite area of Patapsco Valley State Park (near Woodstock, MD), where they have set seven classic orienteering courses in some of our finest terrain (white through blue).

Event timing is standard, so plan to start any time between 11 - 1:30 and make sure to be back before 3pm.

And while there is no park or parking fee at this venue, this is a park where our volunteer efforts are noted, so after you have completed your course, please consider giving the club and the park a half hour of your time to pick up trash and debris in the area - think of it as a fine way to cool down after your run while enjoying the fine Spring weather!

Driving directions and full event details are on the event webpage.

Orienteer This Saturday & Sunday

Greg Lennon

There are two local orienteering events this weekend - and the weather is predicted to be fine both days as well, so head to one or both events if you can!

Saturday April 14: Hosted by neighbouring club SVO but on the QOC map of Oregon Ridge (near Cockeysville, MD), registration open from 10am - 1pm, with six classic courses on offer. Details here.

Sunday April 15: QOC hosts at Mason Neck State Park (east of Lorton, VA), with seven classic courses and event timing as usual for us (register any time between 10:45am - 1:15pm, start 11 - 1pm, return before 3). This park has plenty of additional amenities like boating and biking opportunities, and this Sunday, the park's event calendar shows 3 different family-oriented nature programs as well. Full details here.

Take advantage of the weather this weekend and enjoy these great orienteering opportunities brought to you by hard-working volunteers from both SVO and QOC!

Gunston Hall Orienteering This Sunday

Greg Lennon

With a mostly sunny day predicted for this Sunday, March 8, come orienteer on one of course setter Ken Walker's seven courses (white through blue) at Gunston Hall (on the Mason Neck peninsula, southeast of Lorton, VA). 

As with previous Gunston Hall events, you are encouraged to take a tour of these historic site, the home of George Mason, the principal designer of the Bill of Rights. There will be a $5 surcharge to all participants attending this event (which includes the tour).

Event timing is our standard: start any time between 11 - 1:30 and be sure to be back before 3pm. Depending on your timing, you can take the tour before or after your orienteering run; please be aware that spikes are not allowed in the Visitor Center.

Driving directions and full course stats are on our event webpage. See you there!


Daniel Heimgartner

QOC Juniors in the News

Boris Granovskiy

Hello fellow QOC orienteers!

Selection races for the U.S. Team that will compete at the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Hungary this summer took place in California this past weekend.

As a result of the races, QOC's own Diana Aleksieva has been named to the U.S. team that will compete at JWOC! On the men's side, QOC's Turner Leigh has been named 1st alternate to the JWOC Team after a very close battle in a very strong field of competitors.

Congratulations to our junior athletes and good luck in their continued training!

- Boris

Orienteer at Patapsco/Orange Grove This Sunday

Greg Lennon

This Sunday, March 25, you can experience an early spring day on one of the seven (white through blue) orienteering courses designed by Jan & Alexis Merka.

Registration will be based out the Orange Grove pavilion of Patapsco Valley State Park, located a few minutes up the road from the Avalon pavilion, and timing is standard (register between 10: 45 - 1:15, start any time between 11 - 1:30, and be back before 3pm).

Full course details and course setter comments along with driving directions are on the event webpage. We don't expect any changes at this point but it's always a good idea to check the event webpage for last minute comments!

Reminder: Manassas Orienteering Event Is This Sunday (March 18)

Greg Lennon

Just a quick reminder: after several postponements, the orienteering event at Manassas Battlefield National Park will take place this Sunday, March 18, and we hope to see you there!

Timing is standard (start anytime between 11 - 1:30, be back no later than 3), and full course and driving details are on the event webpage.

New Orienteering Event: Manassas This Sunday

Greg Lennon

Thanks to some quick work on several fronts - and the lack of rain this week - we have been given permission to hold an event this coming Sunday, March 18, at Manassas Battlefield National Park.

The event webpage is now up to date, including course information for the full set of 7 courses, so head there for complete details.

This event had to be postponed earlier in the season, and weather issues have wreaked a bit of havoc with our schedule in general (including the unfortunate cancellation of our Night-O and Training Weekend), but we thank you for your patience and hope to see you this Sunday at Manassas.

Orienteer looking for a room

Boris Granovskiy


US National Team Orienteer and recent JWOC and WOC competitor Michael Laraia from the Minnesota Orienteering Club is coming to the DC area for an internship this summer.

He will be interning at Progeny Systems in Manassas, VA and is looking for an inexpensive room to rent during his internship (budgeting $300-500 a month). He will be in the area from approximately May 21 - August 10 and will have a car and bike for commuting.

Is there anyone out there willing and able to take in a promising young orienteer for the summer?

Let me know, and I'll gladly put you in touch.

Thank you,

Orienteer Sunday at Wheaton Regional Park

Greg Lennon

With a rain-free, partly sunny day predicted for this Sunday, March 11, we invite you to enjoy orienteering at Wheaton Regional Park on one of course setter Nadim Ahmed's 8 courses.

Timing is standard - but remember to set your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night! - but what's not standard is that all advanced course maps will lack trails, so even those of you who feel you know Wheaton quite well will still have a fine challenge. [Beginner and Intermediate course maps have all features as usual.]

And in addition, the Wheaton map has been significantly updated for this event, including with new contours derived from LiDAR data.

Full event and course details and driving directions are on the event webpage, and event director Don Fish definitely encourages everyone to read the event and course setter notes before heading out on their courses!

Orienteer This Sunday at Little Bennett Park

Greg Lennon

Enjoy some relatively sunny weather this Sunday, March 4, on one of course setter's Sam Listwak's 8 courses at Little Bennett Regional Park (near Clarksburg, MD).

Note that our registration area is at the far end of the park, off Prescott Road, and it is *not* accessed via the main park road. Event timing is standard, though, so register between 10:45 - 1:15, start any time between 11 - 1:30, and be sure to check back in before 3pm.

Full course and event details and driving directions are on the event webpage.

See you Sunday!

P.S. For those of you contemplating attending FUMA's Saturday event, note that the venue is now at FUMA itself.

QOC Juniors in the News

Boris Granovskiy

Hi fellow QOC orienteers!

QOC has been a hotbed of success by junior orienteers lately, and I just wanted to highlight a few of their accomplishments.

When Orienteering USA's Junior National Team and Junior Development Team were announced for 2018, we could count a whole six QOC juniors among its members:

Junior National Team
Turner Leigh

Junior Development Team
Diana Aleksieva
Zachary Kuder
Sam Loustaunau
Alexis Merka
Joshua Sanchez

Congratulate these fine athletes when you next see them at a QOC event, and for those who are attending, wish them luck at the upcoming selection races for the team that will represent the U.S. at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Hungary.

Additionally, QOC member Josh Sanchez recently became the Navy NJROTC National Orienteering Champion. In the same race, Turner Leigh of QOC came 4th. Their varsity category had 97 starters!

See you in the woods,


CANCELLED: Sunday's Manassas Event

Greg Lennon

For environmental reasons due to excessively wet terrain, we are CANCELLING this Sunday's event (which would have been held Feb. 25 at Manassas). We hope to reschedule it before too long.

March training weekend early registration deadline and other training news


QOC members and others,

As it has the last few years, QOC will be holding a training weekend in Prince William Forest Park this season, specifically on March 17-18 - see for full information.  The weekend has a strong focus on juniors but will cater to orienteers of all ages and abilities, beginner to advanced, QOC member and non-member alike.  For those who can't commit a whole weekend to training, there is an option to sign up for just the Saturday training rather than the whole weekend. For everyone else, all will be welcome to run in the night-O on the evening of Saturday, March 17 - info at,

The originally announced earlybird registration deadline for the training weekend was last night but I was somewhat preoccupied with other things over the weekend and failed to adequately publicize that fact so that deadline has been extended to this Friday in order to give people who weren't keeping an eagle eye on the schedule beyond the next few events a chance to register at the earlybird price.  After this Friday, there'll be regular registration through March 3, then late registration through March 11, space permitting.

Wherever you are on the orienteering skills ladder, unless you're an elite competitor, the weekend offers a chance to sharpen your skills and be coached by a more experienced orienteer.  If you are an elite competitor (or comparably skilled though not elite level fast), it still offers a chance to hone your skills before the spring A meet season (and feel free to contact Boris if you'd be interested in being a coach yourself).

We pretty much filled the cabin camp last season. We'll quite likely do so again, so don't say you weren't warned if you delay registering and find it's too late when you get around to it.

Jon Torrance

Training weekend registrar

P.S. For anyone who can't do the training weekend and/or who isn't already a quite advanced orienteer and/or who is interested in some classroom instruction in orienteering in addition to hands-on training, there will also be another three day Zero to Orange class offered this spring, on April 14/15 at Mason Neck State Park and April 21 at Granite - - more details will be online soon, as well as online pre-registration.


Orienteer at Clopper Lake (Seneca Ck State Pk) This Sunday

Greg Lennon

We have a full set of courses (white through blue, even including beige) ready for all you orienteers this Sunday, Feb. 11, at the Clopper Lake section of Seneca Creek State Park (Gaithersburg, MD), courtesy of course setter Michael Dickey. Course notes are posted on the event webpage, and event director Heidi Onkst does encourage you to read them as they discuss road crossings and the best ways to run through a disc golf course (politely!).

You won't need to worry about experiencing an overly cold day this Sunday, as the forecast is currently calling for a "warm for winter" though cloudy day with rain. At least currently, the bulk of the rain is predicted to be away from our event area, but come prepared and hopefully you'll have a fine adventure. 

Event timing is standard: register at the event any time between 10:45 - 1:15pm, start between 11 - 1:30pm, and be out of the woods before 3pm. Full driving directions, course lengths and of course those all important course notes are on the event webpage as usual - see you on Sunday!

Re: Calling all Junior Orienteers - the Mid-Atlantic Team wants you!


P.S. If you want to take part in the training on Sunday, don't neglect to email Boris beforehand so he'll know to print a map for you.

Calling all Junior Orienteers - the Mid-Atlantic Team wants you!


The Mid-Atlantic Junior Orienteering Team is looking for young orienteers seeking to improve!

If you are an orienteer aged 12-20, can complete an Orange course on your own, and want to get better at orienteering, then join the Mid-Atlantic Team. Coached by veteran of several US World Championship teams, Boris Granovskiy, the team holds monthly training sessions in conjunction with QOC local events, organizes annual training days and weekends (including the upcoming training weekend in March), and takes occasional trips to national orienteering events. If you want to improve at orienteering while making friends through the sport, then the Mid-Atlantic Team is for you.

The team's February training session will be held this Sunday at Clopper Lake starting at 10am. Juniors interested in joining the team are welcome to participate.

To join the team, email boris.granovskiy@... a description of your orienteering experience and goals or come talk to Boris on Sunday or at a subsequent local event.