Summer Short Series This Saturday

Peggy Dickison

Hi everyone,


The first Summer Short Series event will be held this Saturday, 23 June, at Wheaton Regional Park. (Never fear, we won’t be going into the jungle-woods that Wheaton is notorious for.) Tom Nolan is the host. Here’s the information he has provided for the event.


--The course will start out with a trail run on a marked route, approx. 5k.  Along the route will be a number of trail-o controls.  The object is to decide which of several markers best matches the mapped location and control description.  You can go back and forth along the trail to look at the controls, but you can't go off the marked route.  You can take as much time as you want, but you're on the clock.  There will be a time penalty for each control you miss.  At the end of the trail run is a sprint with normal controls, approx. 2k.  As this is the "Summer Short(s) Series," full leg coverings will not be necessary.  Start and finish will be at the far southeast end of the parking lot by the train station, at the end of Shorefield Road.


Starts are from 4 to about 5. The cost for the event is $5. All proceeds will go to the US Senior Team, to help them attend the World Orienteering Championships later this summer in Switzerland, as well as to help them get to the North American Championships this fall.

After everyone is done, those of us who are interested will have dinner, most likely at the nearby Wheaton Mall. There is a food court and also a Panera ( J ).


The next couple upcoming SSS events:

Saturday, 30 June: Catonsville Community College (a new map!), hosted by Ted Good. There will be three course lengths (Long: 8.9K 360m, 14 controls; Mid: 7.5K  210m, 10 controls; Short: 5.8K  195m, 8 controls).  More information will be sent out next week.

Wednesday, 4 July: A trail run on the Catoctin Trail northwest of Frederick, followed by some lounging at the lake in Cunningham Falls State Park. This is purely just a trail run, on a hilly, rocky, single-track trail. It’s quite fun. There will be a few different options – the whole trail (point to point) of about 18 miles, a shorter run of about 12 miles, and an out-and-back from the finish for those who aren’t sure how much they want/are able to do (be forewarned that this option begins with a bunch of uphill). There *may* be a shorter version that doesn’t involve out and back. Logistics will be figured out closer to the date when we have a list of people participating. Further details to follow, but we plan to run early to avoid the heat and to be able to get into the state park before it fills up.


We still have some open dates for hosting, if you’re interested. There’s a lot of fun things on the schedule coming up! Keep an eye out for announcements.


Peggy Dickison

SSS Mistress


A Louden

Cunningham Falls State Park has 2 mini cabins left.  They are only available for July 4th, strange.  I reserved one already.  It is pretty much the same as Prince William Forest...bring your own stuff.  It has one double bed and one bunk bed, restroom somewhere else.  The price is $55.05, including taxes.