Registration for Sunday open until noon Saturday


It's gratifying to see nearly 60 people signed up for the event at Cunningham Falls State Park on Sunday (both because it's not bad for an event restricted to advanced orienteers on a major holiday Sunday and because 60 was my central estimate of how many people might be expected to turn out when the park asked how big an event this was likely to be) .  If you've just woken up and logged on, having neglected to register yesterday evening, fear not.  The online registration remains open and if you register by noon, Greg Lennon will print up an additional copy of your chosen course and we'll be happy to see you on Sunday.  It still looks as though we'll have a fine day, if a little bit warmer than we have yet become accustomed to during this particular annual trip around the sun.

If you're waking up after noon, then it really is too late and I hope the way you spent yesterday evening through early morning before presumably finding your bed was such as to constitute a worthwhile trade.  There will no doubt be future opportunities to orienteer at Cunningham Falls, likely even open to orienteers of a wider range of technical ability, and we'll hope you can make it to one of them.

Jon Torrance