March training weekend early registration deadline and other training news


QOC members and others,

As it has the last few years, QOC will be holding a training weekend in Prince William Forest Park this season, specifically on March 17-18 - see for full information.  The weekend has a strong focus on juniors but will cater to orienteers of all ages and abilities, beginner to advanced, QOC member and non-member alike.  For those who can't commit a whole weekend to training, there is an option to sign up for just the Saturday training rather than the whole weekend. For everyone else, all will be welcome to run in the night-O on the evening of Saturday, March 17 - info at,

The originally announced earlybird registration deadline for the training weekend was last night but I was somewhat preoccupied with other things over the weekend and failed to adequately publicize that fact so that deadline has been extended to this Friday in order to give people who weren't keeping an eagle eye on the schedule beyond the next few events a chance to register at the earlybird price.  After this Friday, there'll be regular registration through March 3, then late registration through March 11, space permitting.

Wherever you are on the orienteering skills ladder, unless you're an elite competitor, the weekend offers a chance to sharpen your skills and be coached by a more experienced orienteer.  If you are an elite competitor (or comparably skilled though not elite level fast), it still offers a chance to hone your skills before the spring A meet season (and feel free to contact Boris if you'd be interested in being a coach yourself).

We pretty much filled the cabin camp last season. We'll quite likely do so again, so don't say you weren't warned if you delay registering and find it's too late when you get around to it.

Jon Torrance

Training weekend registrar

P.S. For anyone who can't do the training weekend and/or who isn't already a quite advanced orienteer and/or who is interested in some classroom instruction in orienteering in addition to hands-on training, there will also be another three day Zero to Orange class offered this spring, on April 14/15 at Mason Neck State Park and April 21 at Granite - - more details will be online soon, as well as online pre-registration.