Advanced terrain walk at Granite this Saturday



I meant to do at least one more of these this season and time is running out so, if anyone will take me up on it with just two days notice, I will lead a terrain walk at Granite this Saturday starting at 1pm, anticipated to take until ~3pm.  We'll navigate to several controls as a group and talk through the entire process, plus I'll try to answer any questions about orienteering technique participants may have. Paticipating should be beneficial for anyone from people who feel comfortable on yellow and therefore ready to step up to orange through people who have made the transition to advanced courses already but haven't figured it all out yet so well they couldn't benefit from picking the brain of a long-time advanced orienteer.  If you fall anywhere in that range and would like to take part, please email me no later than Friday evening by 9pm.  Space is theoretically limited but it probably won't be an issue - if it becomes one, maybe I'll do it again at Pohick Bay. Cheers.

Jon Torrance