Another event near Richmond this Sunday

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Pocahontas NW Sunday March 2nd 2003

MAP & COURSE: Pocahontas NW is a small part of Pocahontas State Park.
The map of the area is brand new, being recently updated at 1:5000
was used for the first time at a JROTC Raider Challenge in January.
The area is mostly nice, runnable forest, containing a number of
gullies and ditches.

There will be only one course (2.5km - 20 controls) that is primarily
aimed at novices, but it will also be a challenge for more
orienteers looking for a fast control picking exercise.

REGISTRATION: Between 11am and 1pm. Entry fee will be $7/adult or
group and $4/junior. Extra maps $2.

DIRECTIONS: The area is roughly 30 minutes drive south west of

From I-95 take Route 288 N until the Courthouse Road exit (dont
signs for the State Park). Turn left onto Courthouse, and take the
first right - Newbys Bridge Road. The start will be on the left at
first crossroads you come to, the intersection of Newbys Bridge with
Qualla Road. Parking will be tight, but there should be enough space
on the roadside and in the drive of the house opposite.

Piers Newbery.

piersn@... and 804 706 1503(h)