Calling all QOC Mappers,


Hello everyone, I/Ted Good was appointed the new QOC mapping coordinator.  With that in mind I am gathering a re-baseline of what Quantico has mapping wise so am looking for answers to following questions.  If any of these apply to you can you send me an email (tedgood@...) with your reply:

  1. Anyone who has a Quantico Orienteering Club OCAD license:
    1. Your Name
    2. Ocad License type/version.
  2. Anyone who considers themselves as a mapper/field checker (or wants to become one)
    1. What areas have you mapped?
    2. How active at mapping are you?
    3. Skill level?  How would you rate your mapping ability.
    4. List any areas you are currently or planning to map.
  3. Anyone who believes they have a master digital copy of a QOC Map.  If in doubt if it is the master please include the information.
    1. Map Name:
    2. Map Location:
    3. Map Notes: Scale, terrain type, condition of map....
    4. Last time it was updated:
    5. What software/version the map was created in:
  4. Anyone who has printed maps of an area that wasn't digitalized (I.E. old printed maps that were never put into Ocad, like Rock Creek Park).
    1. Map Name
    2. Mapped area Location
    3. Date of map.
  5. Anything else mapping related that I should know:
    1. Unmapped areas that would be suitable for QOC events.  Provide details.

    There is no immediate timeline for this but the sooner I have this information the sooner we can make a mapping plan.

Greg Lennon


Happy to help with this, but providing a map-by-map answer to your request isn't really feasible.

In summary though:
  • The QOC Map Vault I maintain and back up is currently 2.45GB in size.
    • There are a total of 494 OCAD files distributed into 79 folders (most folders = 1 park).
  • An additional 62GB of map information (older files and related data) is kept but not backed up regularly.
    • There are about 6,200 files distributed over 300+ folders of information.
  • The "QOC Area Terrains for Mapping Consideration" google spreadsheet, which is shared and editable by you and 5 other QOC members, contains 158 Mid-Atlantic areas/parks and their O-mappability assessments.
Might I suggest that on your behalf I establish a sub-group within specifically for QOC mapping/mapper threads?