How to use this group - the basics

Jon <djon@...>

Long delayed but, in response to requests...

The group functions as a sort of QOC bulletin board, located at:

This page is freely accessible to anyone with a web browser. Anyone can surf there and read postings to the group.

Members of the group can post messages to the group by sending email from the email account associated with their membership to Quantico_Orienteering_Club@... or by logging in to the group and composing a message on the web.

Anyone can become a member by signing up on the web page or by sending an email message to Quantico_Orienteering_Club-subscribe@.... We've already been graced with our first spammer, now involuntarily unsubsribed. Until and unless this proves to be a significant problem, the open membership policy stays.

Members may unsubscribe on the web or by sending an email message from the account associated with their membership to Quantico_Orienteering_Club-unsubscribe@....

Members have several options with respect to receiving posted messages by email. They may opt to receive each message posted in a separate email, a daily digest of messages, only messages designated Special Notices by QOC or no messages at all. We hope that a substantial number of members will wish to use to group as a discussion forum and therefore opt to receive either individual emails or the daily digest. In aid of which, people may wish to change this setting.

If you want to change this setting yourself and you don't have a Yahoo ID, you'll have to create one and link it to your subscription. Start by clicking on the "Registration" link on the Quantico_Orienteering_Club group's page.

Complete the registration form giving the email address associated with your subscription to Quantico_Orienteering_Club, if applicable, and click on "Submit This Form". Note - most people will probably want to opt out of the commercial mailings Yahoo offers at this stage.

You should receive an email at any address you gave Yahoo containing a link for you to click to verify that the owner of that email address really did want it associated with a Yahoo ID. You'll have to click on this link to make the ID useful for group purposes.

Having taken care of that or if you already had a Yahoo ID, surf to and click on "Sign In".

Give your ID and password.

When the group page comes up, click on the link labelled "Find your membership" next to the words "Already a member?". A page labelled "Checking for Subscriptions" should come up. Barring typos, it ought to say that it has found a membership linked to your email address. Click on "Edit this Membership" and you'll be given access to the email delivery options for your subscription. Change them to suit your taste.

Or, if that seems like more trouble than it's worth just to change your email delivery settings, I'll be happy to change that setting on request. Send requests to Jon at djon@.... Please send them from the email address associated with your subscription or be sure to give this address in your message.

The group doesn't currently make use of features to create databases and picture galleries. We may do so in the future.


Jon Torrance